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Being fit for your sport is great, but all that hard work can be undone in one moment if you fail to prepare nutritionally. Not only on competition day, but in the lead up to this day, before and after training and in between events.

Tamar Performance Centre are working with Blue Horizon Medicals to offer in depth blood analysis to dive deeper into the physiological determinants which may be holding you back.

What can you do?

Browse the range of blood profiles which we have to offer and follow the link to our store. We offer our blood profiles with a discount from the RRP.

You will receive your blood test kit within 1-2 working days, these tests are very simple and do not require you to see your GP. Most involve finger pricks. You then complete the blood test and send it off to the lab.

Results return times depend on the test which you are undergoing, and you can book a consultation with us to help you move forward with any limitations which can be corrected by nutrition or training plan changes.

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Sports Blood Test Profile:

This is a specialist sports blood test focusing on key Vitamins and Minerals, as well as Testosterone, this profile is ideal for those seeking key metrics whilst wanting to avoid less relevant tests. 

What does this test for?​

This includes;

Vitamin D - deficiencies in Vitamin D can lead to slower recovery times in athletes.


Vitamin B12 - You need sufficient levels of Vitamin B12 inorder to produce and maintain red blood cells and DNA.


Folate - Research has shown increased amounts of exercise can lead to a depletion of Folate which is required to form red blood cells.

Testosterone - regulation of testosterone levels are required for growth and repair.

Other vitamins, minerals and hormones tested for which play a large effect on athlete's performance include;

Ferritin, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Sodium. Calcium, SHBG, Free testosterone.

Sample collection method:

This test kit is delivered straight to your door after ordering from Blue Horizon Medicals, then the collection requires a Finger Prick with a lancet and drip 15-20 drops of blood into a microtainer. All the Kit with complete instructions is provided in a really simple process.

Your Results:

Detailed results within 3 days including comment on any out of range results from a private doctor. If you then feel that you would like to book a consultation with Tamar Performance Centre to help address any issues, then follow our booking link below.

Male health.png


Below are genetic reports for both Women (Well Woman) and Men (Male Health).​

Male Health:

This report covers important genes known to impact male health and wellbeing - from hormone production, activation and detoxification, to cardiovascular and erectile health.


The report also contains personalised nutrition and lifestyle guidance.


We think that this is the best specialised male health DNA report available in the world today.


Topics Covered include Androgen (male hormone) receptors, Blood clotting, Cardiovascular health, Cholesterol, Detoxification, Erectile issues, Fertility (sperm health), Free radicals, Healthy ageing, High and low testosterone levels, High DHT production, Male hormone (androgen) production, Male pattern baldness, Methylation, Potential hormone imbalances, Prostate health, Vitamin D Requirement.

Well Woman:

Uncover genetic strengths and weaknesses in your female hormone pathway (production, activation and detoxification) as well as other important factors affecting female health and wellbeing such as heart and bone health.


You will also discover vitamins and minerals you may have a higher requirement for during specific life events such as pregnancy and menopause. Topics covered include Advanced ageing, Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, Blood clotting, Cardiovascular health, Cholesterol levels, Detoxification, Free radical damage, Hormone balance, Imbalanced moods, Methylation, Oestrogen production, Oestrogen action in the body, Oestrogen detoxification, Susceptibility to certain conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis and PMS/ menopausal symptoms.


Along with the above information, we also provide specific nutrition and lifestyle guidance to help you on your way to achieving optimal hormone balance, vitality and longevity.

Sample collection method:

This sample only requires a simple DNA cheek swab. Again, all instructions will be enclosed with your kit.

Your results:

As this is a more extensive test the wait for results is within 4-6 weeks. Please note, there is an age restriction on these reports (18 and over only for DNA tests). 

Many cardiovascular health, hormones imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be resolved by following a nutritional and training programme which we can provide for you with a consultation session at the Tamar Performance Centre.

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