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  • Ever Wanted To Know Exactly How Much Fat You Have?

  • How Much Muscle You Have Got?

  • What About How Much You Need To Lose To See Your Abs?


Use This To Really Help FOCUS Your Eating and Training Goals

You know the scales don’t tell you the true story..

Thankfully, people like you realise that its not about your weight on the scales its about how you look in the mirror, how you feel and how you perform.

If you have wanted to know how much fat you have, so you can see how well your efforts have been serving you, you may have tried bio-impedance or scales.

Whilst these are not completely useless they have flaws!

Some people will also have had their body fat professionally measured using skin fold callipers, which is a service we offer to our personal clients.

The trouble is with the scales, even the good ones, The bio-impedance measurements can be affected by hydration, caffeine, alcohol and food intake.

So chances are, whenever you’ve had your body fat taken, you’ve never actually got an accurate reading.

The most accurate ways to measure body fat are actually hydrostatic weighing and DEXA scanning. 
Either one of these is highly expensive, and generally not accessible to the majority of people.

BUT we want to take it to the next level.

There is no-one with 100 miles that I know has access to this equipment outside of a medical setting and you don’t get access to this without jumping through hundreds of loop holes!

Making it almost impossible for you to get this awesome information.


We’re proud to say that we own one of very few state of the art, ultrasound body fat scanners in the whole of the UK.

This has been extensively researched at universities in scientific studies that compared it with a CT Scanner and concluded to be pretty much on a par with hydrostatic weighting and DEXA scanning, and so are now able to make this highly accurate method of body composition analysis available to YOU.

YOU can now get the same accurate analysis as many professional and elite athletes, no matter what your level of ability. 

During your 20 minute Tamar Performance Centre BODY PROFILING with us, you’ll be taken through a precise, highly accurate, non-invasive ultrasound body fat measurement using between 3-9 key sites on your body.

As well as that we’ll be taking your body circumference measurements, waist hip ratio, BMR, finding our your lean body mass, and giving you a detailed health report too.





























We can even take ultrasound scan shots to tell you your muscle thickness and fat diameter.

We’ll be able to give you a complete profile of where your body stores fat and make recommendations to you based on what we find out during this assessment. 

And unlike hydrostatic weighing or DEXA scanning, you’ll not be paying £100+ for the privilege of finally being able to accurately see how your body fat and muscle mass are changing, and whether your training is actually working. 

Your Tamar Performance Centre BODY PROFILING session includes a full report of what we find during the assessment, as well as some recommendations for what you need to do in order to get where you want to be. 


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