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At the Tamar Performance Centre we offer Advanced Sweat Testing 


No blood test. No need to bust a gut on a treadmill. No need to wait whilst your sample goes off to a lab for top secret analysis. The test is non-invasive therefore contains NO NEEDLES.


Our Sweat Test takes about 15 minutes and all you have to do is sit comfortably whilst we talk to you about how you train and compete. The test is simple, painless, and extremely accurate.

The advanced sweat testing system has been and is currently being performed on teams across the US in the major leagues such as NFL, NBA, NHL and in the UK with sports teams such as Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Also many Triathletes across the globe use both the testing and hydration plans to improve their performance.


Whether you're an Elite level Triathlete, amateur Rugby player or a Sheep Shearer both your sweat rate and what you lose when you sweat is crucially important. 


Research has shown in seemingly similar individuals the amount of sweat/sodium lost can vary up to 15 times.

Sweat is predominantly genetically determined meaning EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. Individual hydration plans which are tailored to your sport, distance and intensity are vital enabling you to take your performance to the next level. 

Maintaining the sodium levels in your blood is crucial to performing at your best when you’re sweating for long periods. Sodium helps you absorb and retain fluid, which keeps your blood volume up, reducing    cardiovascular strain and fatigue.

Just drinking water when you’re sweating over long periods dilutes your sodium levels, which can really impact your performance and could lead to hyponatremia. A recent study found 10% of athlete's had hyponatremia at the end of an Ironman!

Hydration is a huge part of any athletes process to improvement and healthy living - This involves ALL levels of Competition but can also be the difference from being part of the best to being THE BEST.



A number of things cause exercise-related muscle cramps, including sodium depletion.

If you’re consuming your sodium through food, aim for about 1000-1500mg sodium per litre of water you drink alongside it. Remember that table salt is only 39% sodium (61% is chloride), so 1g of salt only gives you ~390mg of sodium.

An easier way to get more sodium in is through an electrolyte supplement, but just make sure it’s strong enough to make a difference. Typical electrolyte tablets only contain about 200-550mg sodium per litre, which is only about half the amount the average triathlete loses in their sweat.

PH 1500 is an all-natural electrolyte drink mix with 1,500mg of sodium per litre. i.e. 3x more sodium than traditional supplements. Drinking a serving the night before an event and 90 minutes before you get into the event boosts your blood plasma volume, helping reduce fatigue as well as avoiding cramp.

To find out more information about how much sodium you're losing when you sweat and how to improve your hydration levels to prevent the onset of fatigue book an advanced sweat test with us now at the Tamar Performance Centre.


So now you have read a little about why sweat and the maintenance of hydration is so important for improving performance let's talk about what we can offer you here at the Tamar Performance Centre.

1:1 Testing and 2:1 Testing available:

You can book your advanced sweat test with us whenever suits you best and we will run a test supplemented with a consultation discussing the best hydration strategy for you moving forward. 

Each test is unique to every person due to underlying genetics which influence the characteristics of each individuals sweat. Therefore, we developed a hydration plan which is tailored to your event, distance, sport, intensity. 

Our 2:1 testing also means you can bring a friend to share the insightful learning experience and we offer a small discount for a 2:1 session which is always a good thing!

As we are working closely with Precision Hydration we have an abundance of hydration supplements available to be purchased when your testing has been completed!

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