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Run Clinics; 1:1, 2:1 and Group Seminars

First steps on the running journey or you are an experienced athlete with a collection of finisher’s medals?  Marathon runner, park run participant, running for the joy of it – whatever your jam why not find the best way to do it for YOU.

 You will find that our Run Clinics are designed to help you become a faster, safer and more efficient runner, taking away the guesswork in a highly productive way and allowing you to explore further with every step.

Taking you through video analysis and feedback with skills and drills aimed directly at YOU making improvements and adjustments to future proof your running.  Analysis of your current training load and how to integrate the new skills into your workload.  Along with programming advice and goal orientation the clinics will leave you informed, motivated and eager to slide on the runners for your very next run. 

Our Run Faster service comes in three main formats – 1 to 1’s, 2:1 and 1 day group seminars.

A 1 to 1 Clinic runs for between 75 and 90 minutes and is just for you. The session features our full video analysis and stroke correction service and is dialled in on your individual needs.

A 2 to 1 Clinic runs for 120 minutes and is a good option for friends/ training partners etc. to share the costs of the clinic.  The session still features our full video analysis and technique correction service.

A Full Day Seminar is perfect for clubs and training groups.  It shares the costs for all involved and still brings video analysis/ feedback to the fore.  Group sessions also bring a lot of shared learning to the room with discussions on training methodologies, drill progressions, injury prevention and programming to name but a few.

Cost of the full day Clinic is dependent on numbers.

Which is better? 


They are all great! There is a little more time for individual attention and discussion during a 1to1 Session but more shared learning within a group setting.

Am I good enough?

All of our clinics are appropriate for any level runner looking to become the best version of themselves possible.  From beginners to age group and elite athletes we have the ability and technology to fast track your improvements.  Remove the guesswork and get booked in now! 

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