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Aliston Whitford - Ironman 70.3 Finisher

Following major surgery at the end of 2014, I spent 2015 trying to regain strength and committed to three goals; run another half marathon, London to Brighton bike ride and London Triathlon. My biggest challenge was getting strength back into my chest. I completed all three and in autumn 2015 I picked a new goal; IronMan had taken over the Weymouth middle distance triathlon. Weymouth is my home town it all made perfect sense. I just didn’t know how to train for such an event but I knew a man who did!! Matt set me an incredible programme over 10 months to hit September 2016. Focussing on regaining my strength in the pool and specific studio based work was what I really needed, complimented by long bike rides and specific run sets. We worked together over training peaks which was brilliant. It held me accountable, we caught up on the phone and in the gym. I went through times when I thought it was going to be impossible to complete a 70.3 IM event. I’d come off a long ride and couldn’t imagine running half a marathon! Matt and Mike supported me the whole way. As my event neared I dared to challenge myself and set a 7 hour target. The event itself was incredible. To compete in such a world class event in my home town was awesome and very emotional. On the last leg of the run, going past the beloved Jubilee clock on Weymouth seafront, I saw that I could smash my target time and just went for it. I came in at 6hrs and 38 seconds. My family were there to support me. I had the best day and I could not have done it with out Matt’s incredible support, insight, knowledge and experience. A million thank yous! 


Hear It From the People Who Know Best

Mike Gunnel.jpg

Mike Gunnell - Full Ironman Finisher

If you want to know what pain looks like, this is it. With Nicky, my
wife, we decided to compete in Ironman Austria.

If you are thinking of doing an Ironman you must understand that it
takes more than just you.

You need to have an inner strengh that you can only get from others. You
may need the support of your partner, support of friends as you will see
them far less (If you are training properly).

But for me the one thing that you must have is the strenghth and will to
go on when you hurt so much that you want to stop.

I spoke to Matt and he worked out a strenth and conditioning programme
that would prepare us. We hit a couple of bad times but never considered
for a moment that we were not strong enough to get through.

We had a T shirt printed that said "Swim 2.4 miles,

Cycle 112 miles

Run 26 miles

                                                             Then Brag, forever.

Nicky Success.jpg

Nicky Deane-Simmons - Competitor at Multiple Ironman 70.3 World Championships

"This photo was taken 1st July 2018 at Ironman Edinburgh 70.3, this was the toughest race I have experienced in 13 years of Triathlon, both physically and mentally.


I came off the bike first in my age group, but suffered horribly with cramp in very hot conditions during the 13.1 mile run. 

I was trying to hang on for the finish line to secure my spot at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2019 in Nice, France.

I won my age group but it took all I had on that day. 

Keep on putting one foot in front of another and never give up"


David Buick - New Zealand International Shearer

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Matt Luxton a year and a half ago. During this time I have been so amazed how Matt and his team have taken my fitness to a whole new level. I thought I was fit before but soon realised I wasn’t.


My schedule is fairly busy with farming, having our own shearing business and shearing myself doesn’t leave a lot of time for workouts that don’t eat into precious sleep time.


One of Matt’s strengths is setting up a personalised workout to suit me which changes as my needs change though out the season and building up to big events. Workouts are only about 1/2hr duration but are intense and work on the key muscle groups that I require. They are easy to follow and help to make sure your posture and technique are correct.


I have noticed a huge difference not only in the shearing shed but also in farming, I just feel fitter and stronger. Mobility is also a huge part of the workouts which I really enjoy., especially after a big day shearing.


Matt’s program is the full package. Not only mobility, strength and diet but Matt also has helped me mentally to get prepared for big events. I would recommend Matt and his team to everyone and anyone.


They have helped me a lot and even after I retire from shearing I know I will keep going in their program because it just makes me a fitter healthier person.


Stuart Connor - England International Shearer

I started my journey with Matt Luxton in July 2017 when I first decided that I wanted to take my shearing to the next level. I knew I wanted to have attempt at a shearing record in the future, and I knew to do this I needed to be in peak of my physical fitness.


It was decided right from the start this was going to be a long game and no quick fix, now at 36 I am fitter than I have ever been. I have been England Shearing Champion for the last 2 years and I believe it was certainly helped by the training programme I have done with Matt. He is always honest and realistic, he gives you the confidence to achieve everything he challenges you with, he is always at the end of the phone for questions and advise.


My journey with Shear Performance not only opened my eyes to different techniques and training regimes but to a new way of nutrition, my diet is clean and varied, I know it’s the cliché that we all hear but it works, if I have a bad meal I sure know about it when I need to train the follow day. I certainly wouldn’t consider anyone else for my Personal Training needs.


Rowland Smith - World Record Holder

Prior to training with Matt I was doing my own thing and felt quite fit but was always sore and tired afterwards.


Since I began doing Matt’s shearing-specific training program my mobility, strength, fitness and endurance went to the next level. The big concern going into a world shearing record is always how you will consistently give 110% throughout the whole day without physically burning out.


Not once during my world shearing record did I question my fitness and ability to maintain my work rate. I woke up the next day feeling great.


Matt and his team provide a targeted plan and the support to execute it.


Stanley Allingham - Irish Shearing Record Holder

Hi Matt @ Tamar Performance. So it’s just over a week since I achieved the Irish 9 Hour Lamb shearing record. I am so thrilled to say that I broke it!!! I could not have done this without your guidance, knowledge and support Matt. I can’t believe how you have guided me to completely change my physical and mental health over the last 18 months.


This should not have been an easy task with me living in Northern Ireland and you living Cornwall, but to be honest I never felt the distance. You were always at the end of the phone day or night. This on top of your daily guidance of workout plans and diet advice....... training peaks!!! You went above and beyond to attend on the day here in Ireland and where quite literally my right hand man!!!! Huge thank you.


I am just where I dreamed of being and so thankful for your support. Even how you helped support my wife to support me. Some call it coaching , yet it always felt more like mates. I really look forward to continuing my fitness journey with you... maybe even another record!


Huge thanks, Stanley


Cat Hine - Ironman Finisher

I first trained with Matt in 2015, having not done any real exercise for years. He inspired me to set goals and prioritise my fitness. I went on to complete a couple of 70.3 races, but I needed a new challenge- I was going to complete an Ironman in 2019.


Before I even signed up I couldn’t think of anyone better suited to tell me if I was capable (and my goals were realistic)- so I turned up on Matts doorstep. His excitement was infectious as we discussed the practicalities of the year ahead. As a coach Matt sends workouts to me in ‘Training Peaks’, fitting them in so they work around my other commitments.


I have also worked and trained with Del and Ian, improving my swim and run technique. I’ve focused on strength and nutrition, as well as swim / bike/ run. Through TPC I have also been introduced to other like-minded people, training and racing at similar distances, and sharing the ups and downs.


It was never going to be easy getting to the finish line, there was more than one ‘crisis of confidence’, but Matt has been unwavering in his commitment to helping me achieve my goals….and I did…. Thank you


Mark Clements - Full Ironman Finisher

I don’t think I realised how much Matt had done for me until after my Ironman. I approached Matt after impulsively signing up to an ironman and quickly realised this was not something that could be achieved without the help of a professional!


Seeing as though Matt is a qualified coach it seemed the perfect match. Matt is very organised with his training without making it boring and it felt very much tailored to me (which it probably was) but I felt like Matt understood my needs and also my time constraints whilst working full time and trying to still be around for the family. Ironman training can be quite selfish but with a proper plan you will be surprised how much can be done in a week.


If I am honest, I think it made me more organised as a person. My actual event didn’t turn out to be exactly as I had hoped since there was a ridiculous heat wave with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees.


There was a notoriously high number of athletes who sadly did not manage to complete the event due to this unforeseen weather but I was not one of them and I think I owe that to Matt. Throughout my training I regular saw huge improvements including knocking off more than an hour over a half ironman distance.


I was and am the fittest I have ever been and I owe most of that to Matt. I will continue to sing his praises to anyone I come across, especially those wishing to improve their fitness and overall wellbeing.


Thank you Matt!


Louis Brown - World Record Holder

I am Louis Brown, the current world record holder at 8hour merino ewes. I chose Matt Luxton as my personal trainer for the record attempt as I noticed his involvement And success with previous record holders in shearing industry.


The training programs were easy to follow, Really enjoyable and I could feel the benefits daily with shearing. I was expecting my body to be sore and quite drained after trainings but the results were the opposite- my body was mobile and I felt energy and more strength.


On the record day I could really feel the benefits from Matt's training programs as my body felt amazing and fit throughout the day and recovery was fast!!!


I am definitively choosing Matt Luxton for my future trainings and have and will recommend him to everyone who are chasing some great results.

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