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Want to understand what's really holding you back in the water and how to move through the water that much better and faster?


You can't beat an Individual Stroke Correction Clinic or if you prefer, bring a friend and share your time for a 2:1 Stroke Correction Clinic.

Each of the Clinics features advanced video analysis, giving you the ability to see your stroke from every conceivable angle, above and below the water. Expertly filmed by your Coach in high definition, our filming system will give you incredible insight into your swimming!

But how do you interpret what you are seeing and correct things in the water? That's where the analysis skills of your Coach really come to the fore, using the video footage they will clearly show you what's holding you back at the moment and exactly how to correct your stroke. No mystical arts here - just practical advice that's easy to understand and follow. This analysis is recorded for you, so you can take it away and review it again later, along with your raw footage.

Our Elite Endless Pool also provides mirrors on the bottom of the pool so that you can instantly recognise and correct the areas that need addressing.  With your coach talking to you with our in In Swim Ear Phones you will be able to make subtle corrections whilst actually swimming.  No need to stop (unless you want to)!

Your coach will have you back in the water running through the skills and drills relevant to you plus the visualisations you need to improve your speed and effectiveness in the water. You'll feel the improvement right away!

Swim Clinics 1:1 and 2:1

Our stroke correction service comes in two main formats – 1 to 1’s and 2:1

1 to 1 Clinic runs for up to 75 minutes and is just for you. The session features our full video analysis and stroke correction service and is dialled in on your individual needs.

A 2 to 1 Clinic runs for up to 90 minutes and is a good option for friends/ training partners etc. to share the costs of the clinic.  The session still features our full video analysis and stroke correction for both swimmers.

Which is better? They are both great! There is a little more time for individual attention and discussion during a 1to1 Session but more shared learning within a 2 to 1 session.

Am I good enough?

Both our clinics are appropriate for any level swimmer or triathlete looking to become the best version of themselves possible.  From beginners to age group and elite athletes we have the ability and technology to fast track your improvements.  Remove the guesswork and get booked in now!

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