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With our dedicated strength and conditioning facility we cater for all abilities and experience levels within an often feared environment.

For Those Who Simply Want To Keep Fit + Healthy


Within our S&C area you have a couple of options; you can follow a programme given to you or you can access our very own innovative “follow along” sessions. These are exclusive to you as a member of the facility through our members only portal.


Simply come into the Tamar Performance Centre with your Bluetooth earphones and tablet and login.


Once logged in you can choose from our library of sessions plans each under their own headings, for example Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio, Mobility and Core. 


Each month as a team here, we record new sessions for you to have access to each month, so you never get bored and you are never left not knowing what to do at the gym. So don’t worry if you aren’t a “gym person”, this is just  a safe a environment designed to inspire you to be the best you can.

For The Aspiring Fitness Enthusiast & Athlete



Strength and conditioning is an integral part of your training to enhance performance and prevent injury. A very easy “win” for you and this facility is designed with you in mind. We have deliberately not included rows of machines that do nothing to improve performance. Instead, we have gone for equipment with tried and tested results in both the world of sports science and in the applied setting.


With the help of our very knowledgeable coaching team, your true potential can be unleashed.


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